Paper processing machinery

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The Company is practically the only one professional manufacturer of machines for packing tissue paper in Poland. All the machines offered by the enterprise PPH KRYSTIAN have the CE marking and the manual instruction, so they are allowed for sale all over the European Union.
The unit with high-class specialists is responsible for the design of machines, quality of products and innovative solutions. The company has the patents for the produced machinery.
Among them are as follows:

• a patent for an invention method and device for sizing the edges of paper and paper webs (nr 199908);

• a patent for an invention of machine to cut the paper (nr 205442);

• a patent for an invention the tape changer of the core making machine (nr 210851);

• an application for the industrial design for the paper towel packaging (WP No -14575);

• an application for the obtaining a patent for an invention machine to cut the paper (No. P361752).

The Company is also making researches in cooperation with scientific researches centers.Currently under the contract with the Lublin University of Technology the enterprise “KRYSTIAN” is carrying out the project in the scope of the development of environmentally friendly equipment and technologies for the manufacture of paper pulp.

The Company also has a Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2008 in the scope of the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of equipment and technological lines for the paper industry.

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