Automatic two log circular saw


The saw is destinated for cutting recycled or cellulose paper logs into reels in lenghts of 80 – 230 mm and diameters up to 125 mm.

The saw structure is based on a carrying truss frame made of welded profiled tubes. The mechanical drive is carried out by a gear box and an electric motor. Powered units are: saw arm with a 1.1 kW motor, saw blade with a 4.0 kW and a sharpening unit with a 0.18 kW motor.
The power is transmitted by V-belts to the saw blade and blade sharpeners. Logs are fed with a chain conveyor. Cutting parameters are set on the

Working principle:
After putting two logs onto the feeding conveyor press the START button. The positioning and feeding controller shifts logs automatically to the arm with the saw blade making cyclic movenemts. The cut reels fall on a belt conveyor at the opposite saw’s side. All those actions are performed in an automatic manner.

Technical data:

Height 1870 mm
Width 1200 mm
Length 4500 mm
Weight 660 kg
Power consumption 5.6 kW 380/220V
Cutting length tolerance 1 mm
Efficiency 130 reels/min.


– easy operation

– low usage costs

– very accurate cutting

– optionally a log feeder to the saw

– efficiency 140 reels/min

– machinery efficiency 82.5 thousands of reels/8h

– process efficiency 58.5 thousands of reels/8h

– range of cutting diameters withour adjustment from 80 to 120 mm

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