Pneumatic circular saw


The saw is destinated for cutting of AVH type products, for cutting recycled or cellulose paper logs into reels in lenghts from 140 mm to 190 mm



The saw structure is based on a carrying truss frame made of welded profiled tubes. The saw arm is driven by a pneumatic cylinder. The cutting is done with a blade with diameter ø 610 mm, driven by an electric motor by a belt drive. The main drive power is 4 kW. The log is manually fed to cutting. All mechanical units are covered with shields.

Working principle:

After two logs are laid on the feeding tray the START button is pressed. The cutting is done after a manual pushing of a log to the capacitor sensor installed in an adjustable end stop when the blade moves. At every movement the blade is sharpened with boron nitride grinding gummers. The cutting blade is lubricated automatically.


Technical data:

Working speed up to 60 cycles/min. (for Ø 190 mm and L=100 mm)
Log dlameters 130 mm to 190 mm
Log feeding method manual
Single log feeding tray
Manual positioning with capacitor sensor
Cutting length tolerance 1 mm
Cutting blade cooling blade cooling and lubricating module
Air consumption 60 l/min.
Overall dimensions 4300 x 1500 x 1900 mm
Installation area 6.2 m2
Dust and dirt absorber YES + dust protecting shiel

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