Slitter rewinder for nonwoven and paper


The rewinding machine is destinated to rewind recycled and cellulose paper from single and douuble layer drums up to 800 kg of weight and max. 2500 mm in diameter, internal core diameter of 340 mm – into logs with width up to 1800 mm and diameter up to 200 mm.
Logs are wound without core on a spring shaft with adjustable pressing force.
The rewinder is fitted with a longitudinal cutting module making it a bobbin rewinding and cutting machine.
The cutting unit works independently on the paper rewinding function.


– paper can be wound onto cores or spring shafts,

– independent longitudinal cutting unit,

– adjustment of log winding density,

– dust protecting casing with an electric roller,

– dust and dirt absorber (option),

– paper web fed by the Mitsubishi servodrive,

– possible rewinding of each kind of paper,

– durability

– easy operation

Szerokość robocza odwijaka 2300 mm
Średnice nawojów 100-400 mm
Perforowanie od 190 mm do 800 mm
Noże i przeciwnoże krążkowe cięcia wzdłużnego 13 kpl
Minimalna szerokość cięcia między dwoma kolejnymi nożami 190mm
Prędkość liniowa 150 m/min.
Zasilanie elektryczne 400 V 50 Hz

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