KRYSTIAN – Technologies and innovations

The enterprise PPH KRYSTIAN has almost 20 years of history and can be proud of strong position on both Polish and international markets.

The enterprise was established by Mr. Krystian Klementowicz in 1989.

In the beginning 3 workers were employed and the business covered manufacturing of automotive accessories (headrest bags and top linings for Fiat 126p cars).

In 1994 a production of special purpose machines – for toilet paper confectioning- was started. Machines were based on the enterprise Owner’s original design.

This was the start of the enterprise’s history in the area of machinery for hygienic paper confectioning which means 14 years of presence at the paper industry machinery market. Within following years the enterprise grew, introduced new and developed products compilled by the Owner and a qualified specialist acting as own R&D unit.

At present the enterprise leases a land of 4,525 sqm area and a hall of 1,641 sqm area and employs 33 persons.

Now the basic business scope of PPH KRYSTIAN is the manufacturing of machines for confectioning environmental friend hygienic papers (made of recycled paper), for the needs of manufacturers of toilet papers and paper towels in Poland and abroad. The enterprise offers machines like winding machines, saws, core making machines, packaging tables, band labeling machines etc.

Thanks to individual technological solutions proposed to the Customers our enterprise successfully copes with foreign competition on the Polish market, both of new and second hand machines. Machines with KRYSTIAN logo are scope of interests of buyers from Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Byelorussia, Ukraina, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Sweden.

Since the first machine was manufactured in 1994 our logo is firmly associated with the latest designs and technologies of paper industry. The solid position of the enterprise is supported on 650 manufactured and sold modern machines for making paper cores, for winding and confectioning of hygienic paper – single machines and complete processing plants.

To use fully the potential of experience, knowledge and creativity the Company is extending its scope of business. We make, among others: recuperators with low air flow resistance, equipment fo wastewater treatment plants: flotators with unique solutions, gates, scrapers, trays, basket screens and other devices, mostly made of alloyed (acid resistant) steels in grades demanded by the costomer, special machinery for the PUR foam industry.

Because of a dynamic business development from May 2007 – to reduce the number of subcontracted works a new Machnining Department was established. Thanks to investing in top class tools and employees’ experience it can not only meet the enterprise’s internal needs but also is able to become a competitive contractor on the market of machined parts. The enterprise has reach resources, huge experience and broad knowledge of market and is expanding permanently. In 2007/2008 the Owner and key management persons were attending the post graduate studies at the Lublin Polytechnic at the Faculty of Management at the Chair of Enterprise Organisation in scope «An Enterprise in Era of Information Society» which were positively graduated. To meet the Customers’ expectations and enterprise’s internal needs, in July 2008 we started preparations to implement a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001:2000. In 2008 a long term agreement on scientific and technical co-operation with the a.b. Chair of Enterprise Organisation of the Faculty of Management of the Lublin Polytechnic was signed. All the machines offered by the enterprise PPH KRYSTIAN are designed by its own forces as we are authors of own technical and processing solutions being tested and applied in our products. PPH KRYSTIAN is the owner of patent for invention called: Method and device for sizing paper web edges (Nr 199908).