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    Rewinder Log width: mm
    Log winding diameter and weight (max) mm kg
    Wound log diameter mm
    Winding way with core without core
    Perforation yes no
    Embossing yes no
    Control of winding tightness yes no
    Cutting and gluing by hand automatically
    Core supply by hand automatically
    Efficiency /8h /24h
    Core making machine Diameter of the formed cores (mm) min max
    Thickness of the formed cores walls (mm) min max
    Min cutting length mm
    Efficiency /8h /24h
    Saw Type of paper
    Diameter of the cutting log (mm) min max
    Cutting length (mm) min max
    Density of the cutting log kg/m3
    Efficiency /8h /24h
    Flotator Efficiency /8h /24h
    Pollutants separation mg/l
    Material galvanized steel
    stainless steel
    Equipment flotation unit (tank)
    air stadion dissolution + pump
    mass pump
    pipes + fittings